BobCorley 2022-04-29 19:57

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section about portals, there are 3 portals in Staunton

Free_Fighter 2022-04-30 04:56

I have brought this up before, but it apparently falls on deaf ears. You keep bringing up the Left's big bad boogieman the Nazis as examples of tyranny. Sure they did tyrannize people especially the Jews. But who killed and terrorized far more people than the Nazis ? It was the communists. And Jews are the originators of communism. And it was the evil that the Jews were doing in Germany that brought the wrath of Hitler down on their deserving heads. And this has even been admitted by Jews, including some Rabbis. So all your virtue signaling for the Jews falls on deaf ears to those who know what happened. Too many Christians have become Zionist bootlickers.

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