Dave_Price 2022-07-29 19:21

Nationalize the FED.

Audit the FED (in 107 years, the largest bank on Earth has never been audited).

Confiscate every deed of trust and majority position ever illegally purchase by the FED.

Wipe the FED balance sheet to ZERO (Why does a Central Bank have to have a balance sheet? Does it owe the printed money to itself?).

Confiscate our gold from the FED (it's on their balance sheet, even though they claim they do not own our gold) and put it back in Fort Knox where it belongs.

Prosecute the FED for counterfeiting.

Base the USD on natural resources (US has, for example, $200 TRILLION in coal reserves, PLUS oil, nat gas, silver, iron ore, copper, rare earths, timber, food, etc., etc., etc.).

Within 10 minutes of the above the entire Earths brightest and hardest working and richest and prettiest and everythingest will rush to America, begging entrance.

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